One Handed White Apple Peeler Fruit Kitchen Cutter Tool Machine


One Handed White Apple Peeler Fruit Kitchen Cutter Tool Machine

You like apples and want to peel them easier and faster? Maybe this product is right for you. This is one handed apple peeler. It provides safe and easy use of peeler for apples, pears, and similar fruits. It has attractive and practical design, and it fixes firmly to a working top with suction feet.

It is very simple to use it – just turn the handle and the peeler will do everything automatically. In most cases it works very well, however, peeling is sometimes not complete and you need to finish it manually. The apples must be the right size, otherwise it can be less efficient.

There is also one other downside – the apples start sliding of the spoke if there is slightest bit left from the previous peeled apple.

If you need to peel apples often, than this might be the best gadget for you. It is not at the maximum efficient in every case, but most of the time it does decent job. So, should you go for it? You need to decide do you want or need this device.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 11.45.03hmm we say go for it!


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