Metal Key Design 16GB USB 2.0 USB Memory Flash Drive


Metal Key Design 16GB USB 2.0 USB Memory Flash Drive

 Flash drives come in a variety of shapes and storage sizes, and here is one in the shape of the key, with a 16 GB capacity. It should be enough big for all your daily needs, and also doesn’t cost too much.

The most important thing about this flash drive is its look which can help you if you tend to lose things easily. It can be placed on your key ring and easily be unobtrusive with your keys. Its look is very nice, although it could be more detailed and more specific. Its gold color and metal-made quality looks very good and leave the impression of durable item.

There is one downside – it is very thin and doesn’t provide stable fit inside USB socket. It wiggles inside and sometimes loose connection, so you’ll have to start whole process of transfering files from the beggining. It lacks reliability. It is good as a backup flash drive, though.

Decision whether to buy it should be brought by you, if you need it and like its desing, and think that it may help you not to lose it, than go for it. It is pretty rounded up product which is doing its function very good, if you manage to fit it in the USB socket with first try.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 11.45.03hmm we say go for it!


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