Mini Air Extracting Cooler For Notebook


Mini Air Extracting Cooler For Notebook

If you have problems with overheating of your laptop, this might be solution for you. This can be addition to your notebook’s fan and can be helpful in eliminating hot air.

At least that is how it should function in theory. In reality, it can make some troubles when trying to connect it to notebook. Attempting to attach the unit, the use of an adjustment screw meant it was impossible to exert any pressure to pull the unit tight to the notebook. The unit was also too wide – the edge of the unit catching on one of the video ports, making it unstable.

The metal hooks will not attach to every notebook, due to the simple reason, that they are too small. But everything can be fixed with a bit of blue tac or something like that.

This is a great idea and has big potential, but it should be done better. It is your call whether you want to try it or not. It can be useful, but again, it doesn’t attach to every notebook. The concept is good, and overall, with a few minor adjustments, this could be a really useful bit of kit.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 11.45.03hmm we say go for it!


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