Generic Black Finger Exerciser FA-10 Extend-O-Grip Hand Trainer


Generic Black Finger Exerciser FA-10 Extend-O-Grip Hand Trainer

The following gadget is excellent for guitar players, as it does a good job of strengthening your fingers individually. It is also good for anyone who wants to have more strength in the hand.

Medium tension is good for everyone, and child would probably find lower resistance model more convenient. The build quality of exerciser is very good, and doesn’t show signs of weakness after a few weeks of usage.

Good thing is that it has an ability to increase tension on the springs individually, which is great because you can increase the tension for your index middle and ring finger, but have the tension on your little finger lower making it easier to exercise all fingers without fatigue on your little finger happening first. If you remove the bottom, you will access the spring tension mechanism.

It can be a little bit noisy and loud squeaking can be annoying. You have to deal with that. Other than already said, this gadget is really god and have defined purpose – it really can help you to build strength in hand and fingers, no matter if are playing some instrument, or just want to be stronger. You will definitely feel improvement after just a week of use, so go for it if you think you need it. And it is also reasonably priced.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 11.45.03hmm we say go for it!


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