Flower USB Fan Red Green Soft Blades For PC/Laptop


Flower USB Fan Red Green Soft Blades For PC/Laptop

If you like USB gadgets, here is one interesting and good looking fan. It resembles red flower which is sitting in the green flower pot. This fan is made of a plastic and is pretty solid and quality built. It has three blades made of soft material to prevent possibility of injury.

It looks nice, if you like its style. In my opinion, it is too childish and colorful with cartoon-like style. When it comes to functionality, it has simple operation – there is just on/off button. Low power consumption is expected from this kind of device.

Downside of its function is that it is not very power full and only gives off a light breeze. It is not very strong and air is limited, but it can be good for you during hot days. It also makes good looking addition to you desk, if you like these things.

Should you go for it? It is your call, really. If you like it and you think that you need it, than go for it. It can be a little helpful, but don’t expect too much of it. It is only a weak USB powered fan. But, it can be good gift for kids.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 12.37.39We’ve not sure about this one. Your call!


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