Android robot keychain – Micro TF card reader USB 2.0


Android robot keychain – Micro TF card reader USB 2.0

Micro TF (Micro SD) USB card readers are becoming smaller and smaller over the time. Nowadays, they are so tinny, like this one. It resembles the shape of Android robot and looks very adorable.

Functionality is at high level and the card reader is easy to use – you just need to plug it in the computer and you can begin transfer of your files at speed of up to 480 mb/s. Card fits in the front, rather than in the back of the card reader, as it is the case with previous version. It can over-heat when copying big files, so you need to be careful. It is the best to make short pauses when copying.

It comes with chain, so you can hook it to your keychain and have it always when you need it, and also avoid losing it. And it is quite easy to lose, since it is very tinny.

So, should you buy it? If you need it, and find it cute and good looking, than go for it. Especially if you are tech and/or Android addict. It also can be a nice present for anyone. Once people see it, they all want one. It offers simple usage and great value for the money.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 11.45.03hmm we say go for it!


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