Digital Metal Lava Style LED Watch


Digital Metal Lava Style LED Watch! We’re not sure about this one!

Here’s an interesting product with a simple idea. It’s for anyone who would like a simple, cheap way to show the exact time and date. With this product, it’s quick and easy to get this information without owning an expensive watch. Let’s see why this product is so special.

The idea behind this product is to have large red digital LED numbers – like the ones you might find on bedside alarm clocks – light up when you press a tiny button located on the right side of the watch. Below this button, another button toggles the clock display between 12-hour and 24-hour mode. It also regulates the date.

The watch itself has a minimalist design and resembles the classic metal strap found on many watches. In this case, however, the strap is actually body of the watch. The top is a bit wider to ensure enough space for the LED digits that indicate the time and date. The quality of the metal isn’t great, and it’s not very shiny, but this is something you’d expect at this price point. The watch is light and soft because of the silicone band on the underside, and is suitable for anyone.

The light intensity is reasonably good indoors and in darker areas, but in sunlight it’s a bit difficult to read. You often have to cover the watch with your other hand to be able to read the time and date. Adding an ambient light sensor to adjust the display-light intensity would be ideal, but would likely result in a higher price.

This watch is an interesting product that will show you time and date at a very low price. It will also serve as a fashion piece. It has a few drawbacks, but if you’re looking for a fashionable, easy to use, and simple watch at a low price – this is a great watch for you.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 12.37.39 We’ve not sure about this one. Your call!



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